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The A. K. Group offers more than just transactions. It provides complete end to end service solutions across debt and real estate segments which are suitable for both institutional as well as retail clients. A. K. Group’s approach to offer service solutions embedded with innovative strategies to its clients has made the group stand a cut above the rest. The group’s investment banking products and services include:


A. K. Group’s broking and distribution is much more than just buying and selling. The group’s strength emanates from research based financial advisory services, which help its customers make smart market investment decisions each day. The group offers the following broking and distribution services:


A. K. Group helps customers gain access to finance by using customized solutions. The group’s financing services range from short term to long term and span both primary and secondary markets including use of innovative strategies to unlock capital for expansion. The group’s financing product range includes:


A. K. Group offers structured finance products, which range from securitization transactions to credit enhanced financing with third party guarantees, letters of comfort, security over assets or escrow, etc. A. K. Group’s services include: